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eu wants better online privacy taking on google facebook
By EurActiv
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On 4 November, the European Commission set out a strategy on how to protect individuals' data in all policy areas, including law ...
eu warns google over privacy policy
By IBTimes UK
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The European Union has demanded that internet search giant Google revise its privacy policy, saying that that the company ...
eu wants to smash barriers to online shopping
By euronews (in English)
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Brits should be able to buy books more easily from Belgian retailers. And Belgians should be able to watch their favour TV series ...
ok google do you know the eu wants you to break up
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The European Parliament is digging its heels in over monopoly concerns with Google. MEPs have voted on separating the ...
last week tonight with john oliver net neutrality hbo
By LastWeekTonight
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Cable companies are trying to create an unequal playing field for internet speeds, but they're doing it so boringly that most news ...
privacy ruling by eu court against google explained
By Wall Street Journal
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The EU's Court of Justice has ruled that Google must listen, and sometimes comply, when individuals ask for links to articles or ...
can we auto correct humanity
By Prince Ea
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Why I Refuse to Let Technology Control Me. You need not delete your social networks or destroy your cell phones, the message is ...
eu court slams google says people have right to be forgotten online
By TheStreet
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The European Union's Court of Justice ruled Tuesday that people have the right to make Google delete information about them in ...
louis c k hates cell phones
By Team Coco
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Why? Well, it's a melancholy tale filled with despair and hope and a Bruce Springsteen song. More CONAN ...
take control of your personal data
By EU Justice and Consumers
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Every time you go online you share information about yourself. And the more you do online the more important it is that you and ...
online privacy google facebook microsoft testify to congres
By congressionalvideo
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7.9.08 Senate Commerce Hearing.
the right to be forgotten by google for european users
By TheLipTV
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The Right To Be Forgotten is being given to Google users in Europe after a EU Court of Justice ruling, forcing Google to delete ...
the tek 0164 wallow in our unprofessionalism
By Tek Syndicate
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Links: Music:, Merch: ...
farage pr against online critics makes eu no better than a banana republic
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"The words 'legal' and 'European Union' don't fit together. Nothing matters here, there are no rules" - says the UK Independence ...
google faces more inquiries in europe over privacy policy
By trends channel
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Instead of facing one European investigation into its privacy policy, Google now has to contend with at least six of them. England ...
eu us line up huge trade deal amid espionage scandal spies lies vs money
By WYNKnews
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EU & US line up huge TRADE DEAL amid ESPIONAGE SCANDAL! [SPIES & LIES vs MONEY] Talks on the biggest bilateral trade ...
tech news 2night 221 the european parliament wants to break up google
By TWiT Tech News 2Night
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Host: Sarah Lane The FCC Chairman expects to get sued over Net Neutrality, why the European Parliment wants to break up ...
european court orders google honor right to be forgotten
By NextNewsNetwork
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The highest court in Europe has ordered Google to honor requests to be removed from search engine results. People may now ...
cpdp 2015 online privacy versus freedom of speech balancing rights in the eu context
By CPDPConferences
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Organised by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (NL) Chair: Arno Lodder, SOLV Advocaten (NL) Moderator: Tijmen Wisman, Vrije ...
usa snowden urges americans to take back their privacy
By RuptlyTV
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VideoID: 20140605-036 W/S Audience watching stage M/S Man with programme C/U Google Hangout with Edward Snowden ...

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